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Leading a well-travelled and adventurous life? Well, IT Luggage should certainly be on top of your list—just in case your kit and kaboodle have some sizable mileage on them. Or maybe if you simply fancy the finest things in life, I got you covered.

Let’s face it—with the seemingly never-ending styles, shapes, and shades, picking the right luggage for your traveling needs could seem like a daunting task. The days when free checked bags were offered by airlines are gone the way of in-flight smoking and gate-side farewells.

IT luggage reviews

Toting the right luggage that is capable of meeting the endless airline rules remains to be a nightmare to many a traveller. The right designed luggage might save you money when it comes to airline checked fees. In fact, with the ever changing guidelines due to the global increase of insecurity, who knows what’s next?

IT Luggage has in the recent past been found to be of sound quality—and when it comes to a budget, this is your guy. A few reasons why you may consider an upgrade or simply acquire luggage include new tech, ever-rising checked baggage fees, and of course, the new and improved features.

But then the question begs, where do you begin with all this? I’m not an expert but I shopped around for the best features to look out for in a luggage.

Before diving to IT luggage reviews, let’s first agree on some luggage basics, shall we?


What Luggage size do you need?

You’ll agree that this is one of the essential things on your checklist when shopping for a carry-on luggage. Size will mostly depend on the length of your trip, and airline luggage restrictions in case you’re flying.

Habit is no doubt another key determinant of the size of luggage you may need—did you know that some people can stow in their luggage for a whole week plus an under-seat personal item?

How will you Use it?

Let’s see, is the luggage for cruising, flying, driving, or may be for some other purpose? If it’s for flying, you may need to familiarize yourself with that airline rules and regulations regarding luggage. In the case of cruise ships, flat, rigid luggage may be ideal due to their stacking of passengers’ baggage.

For those into road trips, you want to get bags that are malleable enough—to make good use of your trunk.

What’s Your Storage Plan?

A lot of luggage shoppers overlook the fact that there is life after trips and honestly, I’ve been a culprit too—if my countryside trips are anything to go by.J

Where to place your luggage once you get home should be a factor to consider before carting that big, stylish, budget bag. The most unforgiving luggage is the hard-cornered one—it can’t be folded to fit in smaller spaces.

In a case of minimal space, you may opt for the soft-cornered one—for easier tucking away into tinier spaces. With little forgiveness on the front and the back, you can bank on the soft-cornered luggage although the footprint is fixed.

These three facts should guide you into identifying suitable features of an ideal luggage—with, of course, budget in mind, very important folks. So, what’s to look out for in a tip-top luggage irrespective of the brand?

Read on!

5 Must-have Features of Ideal Luggage

1: Meets Airline Regulations —this is by far the most important trait to watch out for in a bag. I’d imagine buying an expensive but non-compliant luggage, insensitive right? When buying your carry-on bag, you want to ascertain that it meets the “forty-five-inch rule” –meaning all the dimensions (length, width, and height) of the bag should not total up to more than 45 inches.

Most luggages have depths, widths, and heights of 9 × 14 × 22 inches respectively—summing up to 45 inches. The implications of having your luggage exceed these dimensions? Quite simple—it might not make it to your seat.

Lesson: Add the dimensions up before luggage-buying to make good the “45-inch rule”

2: Contains Multiple Compartment—both inbuilt and outer compartments are essential in a good luggage.  You’ll save yourself a lot of trouble when packing in a bag with different sections. If you are a parent who keeps kids entertained en-route, then you probably need a bag with outer compartments—for easier access to items.

Properly designed external pockets are a great stashing area for magazines, snacks, or some “clean em up” wipes. Such pockets can spare you one of those embarrassing moments when you open up your luggage and it spills all over other unsuspecting passengers—I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.

3: Easy-to-Roll Wheels—360-degree spinning wheels are a must have for a good luggage—to help you make easy turns or manoeuver through crowds. Be keen to go for sturdy wheels that are all about withstanding the kind of abuse they are bound to undergo.

Four wheels sound about right for any terrain and what’s more, such bags allow you to turn them sideways when boarding and exiting those narrow airplane aisles.

Bottom Line: Two wheels or four wheels? That all depends—two wheels are easier to roll about while four wheels tend to be more stable…

4: Zipper Quality—there is one thing you must have encountered—bad zippers! If there’s anything more annoying than a bad zipper, please let me know (of course, other than missiles and bad elections). You ever noticed that most zippers tend to break when far away from home? I still wonder why.

Also, when perusing the luggage unit, look out for a zipper with the larger tooth. This makes them robust enough to be able to withstand the wear and tear caused by its travel.

Some zippers come with password-enabled locks—for extra security. You want to put a password that won’t slip off your mind three bottles later—don’t worry, I worry about that too; that’s why mine is “just kidding” just in case I get carried away by whatever. So, the point? You need to go for the best zipper if your trip is to count.

5: Material Quality—it goes without saying that all you see glittering isn’t necessarily gold. Luggages come in two material types—hard and soft. Again, the type to choose will vary according to your specifications or may be limitations in terms of space or finances. For instance, if protecting what’s inside the bag is your top priority, then you want to buy the hard-shelled one.

On the other hand, the softer cases are relatively flexible—you can stash in your whole drawer.

Then, there is the unavoidable mishandling of luggage by ship owners—sadly, sometimes airlines too. The roughing up might rip a low-quality material luggage apart.

It’s essential to note that the big carry-on luggage’ days are numbered—with the exception of only Southwest airline. All major airlines apply some fee for checked bags, so be sure to keep your luggage options in check with the above guides.

Having that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best IT Luggage reviews you need to watch out for in 2017.

IT Luggage Reviews 2017

1: Megalite Vertica

Megalite Vertica

If you have a keen eye on luggage, then you’ve probably noticed the various brands flooding the market day and night. On Amazon alone, there are over two thousand listings of carry-on bags. I must admit that nothing is harder than determining the quality of a product with countless substitutions.

But since I got your back, I’m going to make this easier for you to digest with this review of the Megalite Vertica 3-piece set.


  • This brand offers you a range of seven stylish colours to choose from.
  • Unlike most luggage bags, Megalite comes in threes—yep, three-in-one.
  • With an expander system, this bag offers you 25% extra space.
  • It’s a four-wheeler—all multi-directional and tiltable at 360 degrees.
  • The luggage is made of a top-quality polyester material for durability.


  • The bag is utterly affordable as compared to its counterparts.
  • If you’re sensitive to colours, you can be sure of not missing yours from the range of seven available colours.
  • It’s made with a special base structure for superior control—how cool is that!


  • A couple of buyers on Amazon complained of the luggage being low quality—with some disfiguring a day into the job.

What we Love

The bag is lightweight—you don’t want extra burden other than your own. The other notable thing with the luggage is the wide range of colours it has to offer.

Who it’s best for

If you’re on a budget but still want elegance, look no further.

2: World’s Lightest Los Angeles 32.4-inch

it luggage World's Lightest Los Angeles 32.4 inch Upright

This light weight IT Luggage weighs only 5.44lbs and is quite spacious. At a rating of 3.9/5.0, the bag is doing pretty well for itself.


  • This IT brand features two super-silent wheels that are sturdily made to withstand all terrains.
  • It comes in two colour tones—black/white, blue/navy and turquoise two-tone.
  • The luggage features polyester lining to give it a stylish finish.
  • The bag is large enough with exterior dimensions of 32.4 × 20.3 × 11.4 inches.


  • The two-tone feature makes it stand out from the crowd.
  • Two-wheelers are always easier to negotiate corners and move in crowds.
  • It comes with a wide grip handle that doesn’t lock.


  • The fact that the luggage is two-wheeled makes it vulnerable to heavy loads.
  • This brand of luggage doesn’t meet the “45-inch rule”

What we Love

The luggage has an adorable colour-matching effect on it—all this for a small price tag of $59.99.

Who it’s best for

This is the point where all cautious spenders should cart the luggage.

3: Air 360 3-Piece Set

it luggage Air 360 3-Piece Set

This Amazon 4-star rated luggage is undoubtedly one of the budgets yet sturdy bags. With an extra incentive of free shipping, what’s not to like? Let’s find out.


  • This budget bag comes in five distinct colours—blue atoll, fiery red, purple, moonless night, and vivacious.
  • It’s made of ABS material—to give it a cool and glossy look.
  • The luggage features a 10-year manufacturer warranty—just in case you run into some trouble while using it.
  • With its stable multi-tiltable four wheels, you can be sure of long lasting stability.


  • The bag offers a wider range of colours compared to other luggages.
  • The ABS material looks elegant on it.
  • The hard plastic material is more robust compared to softer ones.
  • Its interior is specially made with meshed pockets to keep your items secured.


  • ABS material is not the most reputable plastic around.
  • The bag is reportedly a joke when it comes to durability.

What we Love

Apart from the material quality, this luggage has one of the cutest looks your budget could ever get you—oh, did I mention how adorably-hard its outer shell is? With this bag, you get to toughen up.

Who it’s best for

This luggage is suitable for people who might want to carry fragile items—the outer shell is hard enough to offer sufficient protection against impact.

4: The Carry Tow 3 Piece

it luggage World's Lightest Carry Tow 3 Piece Set

The Carry Two is a three-piece IT Luggage bag which is currently discounted by 60% on Amazon—that’s right, you only pay 40% of its initial price.

Here’s what it offers:


  • The bag is made of 100% polyester material—to guarantee you service for longer.
  • Carry Tow 3 Luggage comes in two classy colours—black and tango red.
  • It is light weight at only 5.6lbs to reduce minimal additional weight other than your items.
  • The bag comes in a package of three—to ensure all your luggage is taken care of all at a fair price.
  • Carry Tow comes with four stylish and robust wheels to provide you maximum support.


  • The IT Luggage is large enough with the interior measuring 28.3 × 19 × 11.6 inches.
  • Carry Tow is four-wheeled—you can stop worrying and keep rolling.
  • Unlike some other luggages, you are not limited to one colour but there’s an option for two.
  • The sturdy polyester material grants you durability and elegant finishes.


  • The colour choice of two is sort of limiting with others offering up to seven colours.
  • If not well taken care of, the polyester material could be a let-down.

What we Love

Compared to other materials such as ABS, polyester is more stylish. Also, the bag has four steady wheels that rotate 360 degrees—all you do is load up and get rolling.

Who it’s best for

This sort of luggage is best suitable for people who need bigger carrying space—with the interior being comparatively larger than the others. I addition, the material of the bag can allow for folding and tucking away in smaller spaces. So, if your storage space is minimal, you might have to opt for this guy.

5: Duraliton Skulls and Roses 3 Piece

it luggage Duraliton Skulls and Roses 3 Piece Set

The Duraliton Skulls and Roses is a 4.5-star rated luggage on Amazon.

The bag has beautiful imprints of skulls and roses on it to give it an extra touch.

Check out its features below.


  • The luggage is made of polycarbonate material.
  • It has eight multi-directional spinner wheels for easy manoeuvrability.
  • The bag comes in a set of three luggages—all differently sized.
  • With its single expander, there is 25% more space in the luggage.


  • Made of Duraliton, the bag is bound to last longer than most other brands.
  • The polycarbonate material offers a scratch-free surface—so it stays forever young.
  • With eight multi-directional wheels in one bag, swift turns and rocky surfaces are the least of your worries.


  • The bag is too big for US domestic flights at about 65 inches—45-inch rule, remember?

What we Love

The outstanding feature of the luggage is the polycarbonate material that time has proven to me sturdy and scratch-free. Who doesn’t want to use an item till eternity—it simply stays young as you grow old?

Who it’s best for

If you’re a fun of graphics or art work, then you sure will be fascinated by the beautiful imprints on this luggage.

6: Honeycomb Polypropylene 3 Piece Set

it luggage Honeycomb Polypropylene 3 Piece Set, Cream, One Size

The Honeycomb luggage is one of IT’s well rated products on Amazon. With eight total reviews, we can only dig deeper to see how good or bad the merchandise is.


  • The luggage is paper weight—with each being less than 3lbs.
  • Honeycomb is made of 100% Polypropylene material.
  • The bag has four strong wheels and comes in three pieces.
  • It comes in a unique cream colour.


  • The bag is made of a well-known sturdy material—polypropylene.
  • With this bag, your baggage space is large enough to grant you a lot of packing space.
  • The bag is four-wheeled for maximum weight support.


  • The notable downside of this bag is its choice of one colour—I mean, very few people like cream right?

What we love

This bag has an adorable skin texture that you’ll certainly notice from a distance—and what’s more, it meant to last longer with its robust skin.

Who it’s best for

This bag is perfect for anyone on a budget—quality mission—but oops, it’s currently out of stock on Amazon.

7: Mega-Lite Premium Case

it luggage Mega-Lite Premium 30 Inch Packing CaseThis premium 30-inch packing case is 4.5/5.0 rated on Amazon. With such a high rating, you can only sit back and watch as we unpack the rating for you.


  • The case comes in one gorgeous Rio Red colour—ladies will definitely love this.
  • Mega-Lite Case comes in one size measuring 19.3 × 12.8 × 31.5 inches.
  • The luggage is very light at only 8 pounds.
  • The bag is made of high density polyester material for durability.


  • A number of customers (19) have expressed their satisfaction with the product—so you can be reasonably sure of value for your money.
  • The huge capacity of the bag is a definite plus for heavy packers.
  • The four multi-directional wheels make your movements smoother.


  • Mega-Lite carry-on comes in one colour and size—quite limiting.
  • The bag is larger than most airlines would allow—its dimensions sum up to more than 45 inches.

What we Love

One thing we love about this case is its light weight—you definitely need to have this 8-pound weight luggage.

Who it’s best for

The colour being red, it would be ideal for a lady-traveller out to butcher budget and embrace elegance.

8: Mega-Lite 3 Piece Spinner Set

it luggage Megalite 3pc Spinner Set with ExpanderThis IT Luggage collection is currently 79% discounted on Amazon—but before flipping your credit card and sprint off to Amazon, let’s see what it’s made of.


  • The bag comes with high-density polyester material for longevity.
  • This IT product has a comfortable handle and four wheels for superior control.
  • It also features a semi-expander for extra packing space of up to 25%.
  • The luggage has an extra front pocket for easier access to your items when traveling.


  • The bag comes in a range of five colours—Baton Rouge, Black, Blue Ashes, Fiery Red, and Flint Gray to give you a wider choice of colours.
  • With a semi-expander feature, you can stop worrying about space and start packing.
  • The front zipper offers you convenient access to your stuff such as magazines or snacks.


  • Its large size prevents you from using it in most airlines and cruise ships.
  • If not well stored, the sides could bang inwards permanently.

What we Love

The bag is undoubtedly lovable—but the extra front zip pocket and five colour ranges are worth a second mention.

Who it’s best for

The Mega-Lite Premium Luggage is suitable for anyone who doesn’t mind about the “cheap is expensive” thing. I say go for it while it lasts.

9: Mega-Lite 31.3” with Spinner and Expander

it luggage Megalite 31.3 Spinner with ExpanderThis is yet another Mega-Lite product line from IT.

So, is it worth you bucks?

Read on!


  • The bag comes in a five-colour variety.
  • It has two extra front pockets for stashing up smaller items.
  • The luggage also features two-tie down straps to hold your items in place.
  • This IT Luggage Collection has a modish polyester lining to complement is amazing finishes.


  • With this piece, you get to have a wider choice of colour.
  • The bag takes into account the fact that travellers need front zippers to easily reach out for items without necessarily open the whole case.
  • One can’t doubt the durability of the bag with the high-density material that is made of.


  • The handle of the luggage is not as sturdy as you may expect it to be, it can only be pulled for so long.
  • The return process of the bag is quite tedious—at least according to an Amazon customer.

What we Love

The wider range of colours is certainly lovable but; it’s lightness, roominess, and pricing that sums it all up into a 4.3-star bag.

Who it’s best for

If you’re looking for a blend of colour choice, roominess, and budget, you might want to stop your search right here.

10: Mega-Lite 21.9” Case

it luggage Megalite 21.9 Spinner with ExpanderThe Mega-Lite Case with expander and spinner is one of the best budget luggages you will ever come across.

With a rating of 4.4, it definitely got my attention.

Let’s get the dissection started.


  • The bag comes in five fashion-forward colours to choose from.
  • This Mega-Lite series has a meshed inner pocket to keep your items in place.
  • The IT Luggage contains semi-expanders to grant you extra space of up to 25%.
  • The top quality dense polyester material grants it sophistication.


  • The bag is relatively cheaper—at only $48.30 plus free shipping.
  • Extra front pockets mean convenience and additional packing space.
  • It’s big enough to contain your moving wardrobe.


  • The 45-inch rule—it doesn’t meet it.
  • The bag’s quality has been found to be relative low by a few users.

What we Love

The wider colour range and the extra space provided by semi-expanders are some of the amazing add-ons that make this luggage tick.

Who it’s best for

Mega-Lite 21.9” is specially meant for bulk packers—and of course, guys running on a budget.

11: Los Angeles 21.5” Carry-on

it luggage World's Lightest Los Angeles 21.5 Carry onMost carry-ons are normally priced at over $200…but hold on.

This IT Luggage currently retails at $44.99—terrific!

The bag is indeed a showstopper—especially if features vis-a-vis price are anything to go by.

Check it out below.


  • The bag is two-toned and comes in one size.
  • It features a smooth handle and two-super silent wheels that are strong and multi-directional.
  • The bag is quite spacious at 5 x 13.5 x 9 inches.
  • It also contains two outer pockets for extra packing space.


  • The bag is two—wheeled; it’s easier to manoeuvre with it faster than a four-wheeled one.
  • It features six different colours—you get a wider variety to choose from.
  • This Los Angeles Case has an alluring polyester lining.


  • With two wheels, one can never be too careful especially if well loaded.
  • The bag is apparently smaller than the described dimensions.

What we Love

There everything to love about this bag from price to colour range—but what really stood out for us? Simple! The fact that it’s a carry-on coupled with a well-fabricated side handle for carrying it.

Who it’s best for

This luggage is for both individuals who prefer carrying their bags and those who would rather pull them around. So, either way, it’s a win-win for everyone. With these twelve it luggage reviews, it’s time to keep calm and carry on.

Thanks for Rolling in

Hopefully, you now have a clearer idea of what suits you. I don’t know about you, but I’ve learnt that you don’t have to be an expert to buy the right things in life.

If you enjoyed this it luggage reviews, be sure to share it with a friend—it might go a long way in pointing someone to the right direction as far as luggage buying is concerned.

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